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Virtually Playable! #006: Innovation & Is Oculus Pro-Human?

Participated in an event hosted by Innovation Bay in which Susan Wu discussed her history in technology investing, thoughts on humane and human progress. Asked her for her thoughts on Oculus as a company, VR as a technology to provide happiness, and advice for someone looking to move to Silicon Valley.
Innovation Bay:
Susan Wu:
Launch Vic:

Virtually Playable! #005: Ninja Legends Interview

A chat with David Geisert from Coinflip Studios about Ninja Legends VR, the development process, working within the VR market, and managing player expectations. The show's first interview!

Virtually Playable! #003: I asked GaryVee about VR and Nintendo

Today I asked entrepreneur and social media marketer Gary Vaynerchuk about the VR platform, the place of brands like Nintendo, and how new studios might emerge. Thank you to @GaryVee for his thoughtful and practical advice. Nervous as f**k but playing my part in the growth of VR!

Virtually Playable! #002: VR Devs, we choose you!

How did this happen?! Episode 2 is done and I've barely done any of the fluff I had on my to-do list... I'm just so psyched to get started! Hey, #virtualreality devs and players, get on Discord! How do you explain VR to family? Volunteering at game festivals is hard, and awesome. Keep on being supportive - even in little ways - they matter.